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Officials should study crime’s causes to find solutions

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Re: “Man charged with killing roommate,” front page, Aug. 14:

I’ve lived here since 2001. I do not remember a time in which we have been informed of this volume or frequency of documented violent crimes. In addition to significantly increased deadly violence, a religious leader’s habitual sexual abuse has been disclosed.

From my understanding, these folks are only now being held accountable, though that, too, has been in the works for a while. Like many, I’m very disturbed by this.

I don’t live in a remote part of Selma, but that doesn’t mean I am not concerned about our well-being as a whole. In order to rein in this malevolence, I feel we need to come up with a theory as to what caused this surge based on relevant contributions from the public and previously obtained facts. I have confidence in the appropriate authorities to get to the bottom of this. If it were incidental, I wouldn’t see a need to delve deeper, but this is an unsettling trend. I can’t keep track of who has been murdered or assaulted in our town or area.

I wish Vondell Bethune to rest in peace along with the other lives that have been unjustly, prematurely and violently ended.

Veronica Price