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The truth eventually prevails

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I am writing to give an update on the one-year anniversary of a viral fake news story. This should never happen again to another teacher.

I am a certified K-12 teacher who will renew in 2022. A 10-year-old and his father called a TV station to say that I said Martin Luther King Jr. killed himself, that athletic wear is prison wear and that you are not a Christian if you do not vote for Trump.

This entire story was a joke by a couple of boys in the class, to which I replied, “No, Alveda King says we are all one race, the human race. President Trump said in his State of the Union 2019 that he hoped for unity. His message was unity, and we are all one.”

To my surprise, over the weekend after a Friday of subbing, lies were splashed all over the internet and airwaves. As far as legislation, what can we do to protect innocent people like me from being harmed by the media?

I spoke at the Jan. 7 Wake County school board meeting to honor both Martin Luther King Jr. and all of my students from 21 years of teaching and seven years of substitute teaching. For the safety and protection of all, I would like to see every classroom have audio or video, or both, because although the lies were bad, it could have been far worse.

Thankfully, the students in the class that I subbed for told the truth, and I still have my teaching license and freedom. As George Washington said, where we take pains, the truth will eventually prevail. God bless you.

Elizabeth Temple