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Here’s how to defeat COVID-19

Over the last several months, our families, our communities and our country have been in a war against COVID-19, a fight that continues to this day. The highly-contagious virus has taken countless …
An Indiana University police car is shown on campus. On the heels of a national police reform movement, some student groups are calling on colleges and universities to disband their campus police departments.

Disbanding campus police will make students less safe

The coronavirus is no longer the biggest back-to-school threat, some college students say. The pandemic has taken a back seat to a new bogeyman: campus police. Young activists are calling on their …

God watches so he can strengthen us

Years ago, I couldn’t help it. I just couldn’t help it. I’d been sitting in my bright-red Georgia stadium chair, wincing and flinching at every move, every drill, every exercise. My poor …

Being preachy won’t make folks wear face masks

When in a building other than my home or office, I wear a mask. And not just because Gov. Roy Cooper told me I had to. (His edict is unenforceable, so I wonder why he made it.) Instead, I’m a …
Penelope Slade-Sawyer

In a pandemic, facts and leadership are paramount

Regarding COVID-19: Leaders are important. Truth is necessary. Trust is basic. During a worldwide pandemic, clear, understandable and actionable health communication based on facts and delivered …
A coalition of news industry trade groups are asking Congress to pass the Journalist Protection Act, which would create new federal crimes for those caught attacking members of the press.

Journalists don't need federal favoritism

Jonathan Ballew lifted his press credential above his head like a shield. It offered no protection when a Chicago police officer in riot gear blasted him with a stream of pepper spray that clouded …
Ned Walsh

There’s no vaccine for stupidity

When it comes to the cliché “ignorance is bliss,” that attitude can be dangerous, even lethal, in this age of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no vaccine for ignorance or stupidity. Long …
Corey friedman

Civil forfeiture: When cops act like robbers

Without accusing him of a crime, police took Robert Reeves’ car, his two cellphones and all the cash in his wallet. The Detroit father of five had just visited a work site to interview for a …
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