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Planning board should slow Johnston’s unsustainable growth

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I address this letter to anyone who is concerned about the overly rapid growth in Johnston County.

My neighbors and I attended the Johnston County Planning Board meeting Jan. 21. We addressed the development in Johnston County. We feel that too much growth at one time is overwhelming. Schools and roads are not handling it well.

When you have lived in the same place for almost 30 years, you really feel the pain when so much changes at one time. I live off of Cleveland Road, State Road 1010, where the Tomlinson family owns a beautiful farm known as Tumbleweed.

Mr. Tomlinson was at the meeting to convince the board to approve the sale and development of his farm. He and his family have owned a lot of land in the Cleveland area.

He told us a story of how his family lived in this area for many years. He said the house and barn are among the oldest in Johnston County and are on the historical register. Yet with all this, the family does not live in Johnston County anymore. They, like so many others, are selling their farm.

Yet another farm gone, never to grow crops or just be a beautiful piece of land. Sold!

Sold to the land destroyers called land developers to build another forest of houses, pushing wildlife to the brink and our roads and schools to capacity.

We feel that we can’t stop the growth, but we need to slow it down and not build so many houses on a mere acre. The houses being built are three to four per acre. We need to size down to two per acre and cut down on the impact on our county.

The Tomlinson farm is next to our small cul-de-sac. We have one-acre lots consisting of six homes. The land on the farm has a lot of wetlands with a blue-line creek.

Yet the developer has plans to build 80-plus houses with county water and septic fields — next to a wetland and creek.

We raised our concern and got overruled. The houses are coming. We already have 50-plus being built across the road. Way too much at one time.

Please get involved, go to a Johnston County Planning Board meeting and voice your concern and opinion. The more voices, the better.

One more note: Taxes will go up, crime will go up, and traffic is already a problem. Schools are overwhelmed.

Janet Bissette