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Trump administration has improved animal welfare

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Why is that horse being whipped for tourist rides or a cat’s head drilled into at a lab? Why are rabbits skinned for fur and lambs screaming in pain for cashmere? Why is that monkey in a tube or strapped in a chair for hours for injections? Why does a dog have a tube in his throat while forced to breathe harmful vapors? For what reason does a person need a mounted trophy of a dead animal?

All of these questions are to do with human cruelty, not research or sport. And our president is addressing this in his first term!

Trump, as our elected leader, has augmented the wolf population to restore ecosystems and ordered the FDA to investigate animal research programs. He began an Animal Welfare Council to replace, reduce and refine animal research programs and created critical habitats for whales.

The president expressed in a tweet Nov. 19, 2017 his personal distaste for trophy hunting while calling it a “horror show.” The EPA under the Trump administration released a plan to promote the implementation of non-animal testing methods, and animal welfare in general, to be prioritized across the globe.

Trump published regulations to improve implementation of the ESA to increase transparency and stop habitat designations that do not conserve species. He moved 49 Bureau of Land Management staffers to Nevada to help stop animal cruelty to horses. Melania Trump highlights conservation efforts with her travels and fed elephants on her trip to Kenya, Africa. He actually provides for protecting animals in his budget!

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is now required under our president to fix the data purge and report all uses and deaths of animals in testing. Hurting and killing animals for fur, feathers, leather or sport is not necessary in modern times. I hope all will sign petitions against cruel uses of animals, stay away from horse shows, puppy mills and roadside zoos. Let’s not fund laboratories and facilities that test on animals, or buy cosmetics from companies who use animal testing.

The Bible says you shall not muzzle an ox when it treads on the grain. God loves animals, and there will be animals in Heaven.

The Trump administration gave grants to students wanting to be veterinarians to finish their education. Using animals to “study healing” is not necessary, neither is exposing animals to disease, knocking out certain genes to see the result, physical restraints, ear-notching or tail-clipping to identify them. Rabbits, dogs, mice and cats must be preserved, and even fish feel pain. Some may have heard of “being the guinea pig” for others to try something out on!

About 115 million animals are used every year in animal testing, and 90% are not included in statistics. Food and water deprivation and other types of “testing,” — none of it correlates to real human beings! Animal testing is unreliable and fatally flawed. The Humane Society quoted the British Medical Journal ,“The claim that animal experimentation is essential to medical research is not supported by proper, scientific evidence, but by opinion and anecdote.”

See Job 12:7-10 “But ask the animals, and they will teach you…In His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.”

Elizabeth Temple